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[ff3d-announce] Version 1.0pre9 released

From: Stephane Del Pino
Subject: [ff3d-announce] Version 1.0pre9 released
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 00:41:22 +0200
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Dear ff3d's,

Version 1.0-pre9 has been released today. It comes with a collection of bug 
fixes and some new features (see changes summary).

Lots of bugs have been fixed in this release and the code is getting more 
stable. The function algebra has been rewritten to ease optimization that 
will be made soon.

Improving the poor documentation is now the next step before 1.0.

Changes summary
Here comes a summary of what changed in 1.0pre9.

Bugs fixed in 1.0pre9:
* Fixed advection operator on cartesian meshes
* Language: fixed "on M" for non-cartesian meshes boundary conditions
* Fixed Debian Bug#358053: FTBFS with G++ 4.1: extra qualification
* Fixed P1: first order and second order derivative right hand side
  for variational formulae
* Fixed #16041: related to bad error message

New in 1.0pre9:
* Completely rewrote the function algebra
* Added (at last!) a set of non-regression tests
* Added reader for 2D 'am_fmt' mesh format
* Added domain by function definition (e.g. domain(f<g))

Getting it
To get the sources proceed as follow:
- cvs users:
  Getting 1.0pre9 release:
    cvs update -r v1-0pre9
  To keep in touch with the cvs tree use more likely
    cvs update -A
- getting tarballs, check the following url:
- windows binary is available at

Best regards,

Stéphane Del Pino          Tel: (33)144277170 - Fax: (33)144277200
Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions - Université Pierre et Marie Curie

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