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[epsilon-doc] ad lib best

From: Adalbert Mueller
Subject: [epsilon-doc] ad lib best
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 15:48:08 +0530

He put his arms about her shoulders anddrew her close to him.
The excited yelp heemitted might have been heard for a mile.
Brian trudged down the long grassy road to Little Friday Cove.
He had been among the first toarrive and had worked heroically.
Hugh was sitting there, alone, bythe ashes of his desolate fireplace.
And it was so warm and cosy in Little Sams living-room.
It wasplain to be seen now why she had thrown Penny over so heartlessly. Margaret Penhallow stood looking down at him. You dontknow how happy it makes me to find out that you dont care.
Said hed met an old crony inSingapore who gave him an old Charlottetown paper to read. He wasstanding alone on a great, far-reaching plain of moonlit snow.
He was very hungry, for he had not had hissupper.
Allthe lost colour and laughter of life seemed to have returned.
She would go to Hugh and ask him if he could forgiveher. She would have crawled to him on all fours and kissedhis feet had he so commanded.
The Margoldsbydollars will last longer than love.
In his despair the child rushed away from the house andalong the twilit road. Well soon have a mistress for you now, he said. I didnt knowwhat Dandy might of said to me if Id left that jug in the sameroom with ANYBODY. She was an exquisite thing in the moonlight,with her brilliant eyes and her wind-ruffled hair.
Neither love nor truth nor understanding nor kindness nor loyalty. And she remembered assuddenly that he had never seemed much interested in HER troubles.
My shins been aching scandalously for two days.
She was an exquisite thing in the moonlight,with her brilliant eyes and her wind-ruffled hair. It was a long time before Brian could sleep, curled up in the bunkthat had once been Big Sams.

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