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[epsilon-doc] inspirational chew

From: Reginald Myers
Subject: [epsilon-doc] inspirational chew
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 14:34:20 +0300

No doubt now his heart is heavy, thinking I havedeserted forever. As for Madden, I did him a serviceonly a couple of days ago.
The editor was backing his car, and withamazing speed he swung it round.
His secretary, Thorn, who is wellknown to us, was with him. At sight of BobEden she adopted a rather coquettish manner.
Well, naturally I couldnt be expected to know that. I didnt sleep much last night, he explained.
Important to see everybody knowing Madden.
Ithank you for your kind intentions, but dont you worry about me.
We hadnt seen him for two years,and his coming caused quite a stir. And I propose to put the necklacein safety deposit there for her use when she wants it. Some years ago he had this house gone over and a complete set ofburglar-alarms installed.
Humbly beggingpardon, do not come in here.
Maddens New York office has arranged to send him another fiftythousand, through the bank here. I promise you wont regret itThank you very much. An old man appeared in the shadowy space behind the cameras. Cast off like an old coat, complained Bristol. Once more Horace Greeley carried them up the rough road between thehills.
Very ancient plea of all Chinese servants.
I shall hover round your elbow, doing promptwork.
Bob Edenreached over, and thoughtfully ran them through his fingers. Theres a limit to everything, and you seem tohave reached it.
Ill have the pearls at eight oclock, and Ill give themto you.
Perhaps, smiled Eden, and the car with its Chinese chauffeur appearingat that moment, he leaped in. You locate Draycott and tell him to come toEldorado. I certainly made a bloomer of it, he finished.

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