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[epsilon-doc] elm attacker

From: Humphrey Davidson
Subject: [epsilon-doc] elm attacker
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 21:40:58 -0200

He buried his face disgustedly in the pillow, which was dampand smelt of coco-nut oil.
All the servants were waiting forhim on the platform. Ko Sla understood English very well, though he could not speak it.
THE WOMAN was Ma Hla May, Florys mistress.
The boys learned as nearly as possible nothing. There was the sound ofplunging hooves and of yells to the bullocks. He was too young to realize what this life was preparing for him.
In common decency it washis duty to support the doctor. Ma Hla May came in, kicking off red-lacquered sandals in thedoorway. There was the sound ofplunging hooves and of yells to the bullocks.
Presently the bullock-cartwheels screamed nearer, taking a parallel course. He could see the dog, andhe could see his foresight. It was a goodlife while one was young and need not think about the future or thepast.
Oh God, God, whatto do with the rest of this bloody evening? Master, I love you, I love you more than anything in the world.
All other kinds of freedom are permitted.
He did not see the years stretching out ahead, lonely, eventless,corrupting.
It would keep this up fortwo or three hours, until the cocks began crowing.
The firmwere sorry, but would he please return to Rangoon at once?
Flo rested herself against the roots and growled up atthe invisible creatures.
To thinkof their horrible brown hands, touching me! He had lived here ten years, and everyparticle of his body was compounded of Burmese soil.

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