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[epsilon-doc] mash punishing

From: Watty Diaz
Subject: [epsilon-doc] mash punishing
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 16:22:59 -0600

Youve got on, and heresthe McFarlanes and me
Hes upthe Reach now and they reckon he cant say boo to a baa-lamb. After what youve done to me, and to Larry, and to James? Luckyshe died then and never found out youd scabbed on us both.
You aint heard about your sister and Cash?
He gave her a presentand told her that her happiness was important to him?
He would fear the very thing she wanted to do. They drove us up the street with the men running along andsinging out at us and trying to touch us. The shearers union haddecided to call another strike. Aw, Larry said disparagingly, You go and do your own dirty work,Coyle. Youre frightened of the ladies in Brisbane. And even if he did suspect, perhaps hewouldnt care.
Larry left the room and went to bed, but he could not sleep. Theres not a pop-shop open in Brisbane andCash hasnt got a bean. Though he knew he wasin the right he begged her to forgive him.
No, Harriet said, but I should go, shouldnt I, Mother? Youre frightened of the ladies in Brisbane.
And he said it wasnt as serious as it seemed at first and nobodywas to blame. No need to try and pull my leg, Sis, Geoffrey reassured her. He closed the door, returned to the table,sat down, and pondered.
If it hadnt been for her Ida had awife and a place of my own twenty years ago. Besides,they despise me, all the ladies, all the Nice People in Brisbane.
He wants me to go toEngland for a husband, but I couldnt, Mother.
He might evenhave said more and Geoffrey not told her, for Geoffrey was herfathers sneak.
He must love youtoo, leaving you all that money. By the way,did he really give you twenty-five thousand quid?
Im no more a scab than you, Larry shouted. Ive wasted half my life already hanging aroundbecause she wanted me to. Yes, I wasyoung enough to feel shame, but soon I gave up caring.

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