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[epsilon-doc] noise pollution left field

From: Desmond Berry
Subject: [epsilon-doc] noise pollution left field
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 18:54:44 -0400

She burst out at me:The IDEA of wasting all that money on a thing like that!
I was the errand boy for my first six months. It was as though theyd suddenly brought me tolife.
Of course she didnt know what he was talking about. The fish I remember best of allare the ones I didnt catch. He had a sly, vicious way oftalking:Ere, George! King Edward died and the papers came out with a black border roundthe edge. Sure enough, when weasked him, we found hed a whole hank of medical gut in hishaversack. It was no use trying forthose colossal brutes with the tackle I had.
After dark Nobby soaked them till they were pliable and tiedthem end to end.
After dinner the sergeant came round the barn where we werebilleted looking for men for a fatigue.
WhenI was a kid every pond and stream had fish in it.
Id never taken anyinterest in the business. Then add hour tohour and calculate the fraction of your life that youve actuallyspent in doing it. Here Ill make a confession, or rather two.
It was partly fear and exhaustion but mainlyboredom.
And how they DARE charge ten shillings for one of those sillylittle fishing-rods! We lay down to kip in such a fever that we didnt eventake our boots off. But it wasntat all certain that we could bring it off. Except when Father was getting out fresh sacks of grain it was thequietest place in the house.
Probably you cant imagine what the sight of those perchhad done to me.
It was athree-mile bike ride from home and took up a whole afternoon atleast. The pool was swarming with bream, small ones, about four to sixinches long.
As a boy I didnt give either the house or the grounds asecond look. The brutes that I was watchingmight be a hundred years old.
Inever stole the money out of the till or bought the bit of salmonline or had a try for those carp.

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