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Topics for 1.31

From: Andreas Lochmann
Subject: Topics for 1.31
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2021 00:20:47 +0200
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Hi all,

Daniel suggested to revive the enigma-devel list, so let's try :-)

While other projects like the homepage are underway, I think we can now start to think about topics for the next Enigma version. Since 1.30 incorporated several internal changes, we can expect bugs and flaws soon ... actually, two of them already emerged: The new font has a large space after certain apostrophes as gunchleoc pointed out, and there is an invalid pointer access which complicates the compilation of a flatpak; thanks to MrTarantoga for providing an analysis, bug fix and pull request!

Therefore I think we should aim at a "1.31", a smaller update to 1.30, primarily fixing bugs and adding minor stuff. On my list are:

1. New tutorial (needs new thread discussion, coming soon).
2. Fix graphical artifacts when scaling.
3. More fullscreen resolutions, vertical screens in particular.
   (Or maybe remove this completely when scaling works perfectly?)
4. Switching from zipios to zipios2 (this is issue #25 on github).
5. Game objects:
    - fl_ice_black (floor on which boxes do not stop; issue #35)
    - improved it_pin
    - it_teabreak (issue #27)
    - ac_pearl_glass (-> additions to st_inkwell?)
    - st_pebbles needs better graphics
6. Several bugs'o'fixing.

Is there more you want to add? Or suggest to delay? Opinions?

Maybe you can help us with one point or the other, e.g. better graphics for st_pebbles? (I really tried but it still looks like Sushi ...)


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