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Mac version of Enigma has actually been working for years!

From: Sidney Markowitz
Subject: Mac version of Enigma has actually been working for years!
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2020 13:15:02 +1300
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I have been saying for years that I have been unable to get Enigma to properly build on any of the more recent versions of macOS, and that I thought nothing could be done about until we have a new Enigma release based on SDL2 instead of SDL 1.2.

Well, now that we are making progress on the SDL2 version, I discovered in the process of preparing the macOS build process for it that someone in the Homebrew community actually figured it out for Enigma 1.21 years ago, and it has been possible all this time to get a working Enigma on all new macOS versions.

Right now you can get Enigma 1.21 to install on any machine running macOS High Sierra or newer by

1. Install Homebrew by following the instructions on https://brew.sh

2. Run the command

  brew install -v enigma

After that succeeds, in Finder click on Go | Go to Folder... and in the Got to the folder dialog enter /usr/local/opt/enigma

You will see the Enigma application which you can drag and drop to your Applications directory.

This application will only run on a machine that has the Homebrew environment installed. However, now that I know about his I can prepare a more portable distribution that we can upload as a dmg. I'll do that when I get the time.

For now, we don't have an official alpha or even pre-alpha release of the new SDL2 based version that can be used for testing. However, the following should work to get whatever happens to be committed to the master branch on GitHub. If you are not a developer, don't bother trying this, but at this moment it does work to build something that looks like it runs.

First uninstall an existing version of Enigma from Homebrew if you have one

   brew remove enigma

Then to build from the master branch on our GitHub repo

   brew install -v -s --HEAD enigma-game/enigma/enigma

This will take a while, about 15 minutes on my machine.
Unlike the distribution version this creates a folder named
Drag that folder to /Applications
It contains both Enigma.app and a link to the documentation manual.

To repeat, this gets the current unreleased, in-progress, under development, whatever has been last committed, may not work, etc., code, meant for developers who are still working on it.

Stay tuned for announcements about pre-alpha, alpha, beta, and so on.


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