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Re: A new release?

From: Andreas Lochmann
Subject: Re: A new release?
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2020 02:05:58 +0100
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thanks for asking, great to hear from you :-)

In a certain sense, there are new strings to translate ... but they are not yet in Enigma, they are distributed over lots of level files on mag-heut and on our own hard drives.

We are still some months away from a point where we can say: Now is a good moment to start translation. Actually, our plan was something like this:

1. Alpha, to have something at hand that at least works.
   (Well, it won't work perfectly, there are some quirks left.)
2. Get more levels from developers, as they explore alpha.
   In parallel: Some work on the search menu. And bugs.
3. Translations. And bugs. And, maybe, Chinese, finally?
   (SDL 2 might be easier on fonts than SDL 1.2, we'll have to try.)
4. 1.3! :-)

Since when are we working on this plan?
July 2019.

How far have we come?
Not even at (1), but some more weeks might suffice for (1) ... depending on how easy it is to compile the new SDL-2-based Enigma for Windows, which will be the next step. If anyone wants to try: Use the branch "sdl2-scaling" from github:
Help and hints are appreciated :-)
(I haven't really tried with SDL 2 yet, but last time with SDL 1.2 was just torture.)

How long are we still going to need till (4)?
Please, don't ask. I don't like pressure ...


Am 29.10.20 um 10:03 schrieb Fòram na Gàidhlig:
I'm wondering whether there will be any new strings to translate - my
translation on Transifex is at 100% and it's been a while since I
touched it. Are the resources up to date?

Sgrìobh Andreas Lochmann na leanas 28/10/2020 aig 11:04:

Hi Sidney,

good timing, great to hear from you!

Yes, sdl2-scaling is the most current branch, and quite stable, I think
(I hope). I will commit some more commits to it, mostly cleaning up.
After that, I will ask Raoul to merge it with the new-objects-branch
(and maybe new-levels as well), work a little bit on the new objects,
try to compile for Windows and we'll have alpha for level development.
Please feel free to commit, but keep in mind that we will soon merge it.

I'm not well versed in github ... I think I just sent you an invite?


Am 27.10.20 um 21:12 schrieb sidney@sidney.com:
Hi Andreas,

I have had time to once again work on the MacOS build. I'm happy to
say that I was able to tweak the build process with success on the
sdl2-scaling branch under MacOS Catalina. Is that the branch for the
release you are working on? What I am doing will only work using SDL2,
no chance for SDL 1.2 running on current MacOS. I can send you a pull
request, or I can commit if I have access to the repo. The changes I
made are only in Mac portions of build files, no code changes needed.


On Apr 10, 2020 10:20 PM, Andreas Lochmann
<and.lochmann@googlemail.com> wrote:

     Hi Zezinho,

     thank you for asking. The latest release still is 1.21. If we are
     very fast, the next release 1.30 might be in August or September
-- but
     probably later. Don't wait for us :-)

     Best regards

     Am 07.04.20 um 19:29 schrieb Zezinho:
      > hi,
      > I am packaging enigma for Mageia Linux, and I wonder if a
release is
      > expected, as there are code commits in github?
      > Thanks

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