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[Enigma-devel] Hi from Ray Re: Release 1.21, times and Android

From: Medimaster
Subject: [Enigma-devel] Hi from Ray Re: Release 1.21, times and Android
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2015 13:03:30 +0100
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Hi Ray,

i don't know what is so unbelievable about 24 seconds at Block the Way easy mode.
It's not even a decent time for the best Oxyd distribution. In 2009/2010 it wouldn't have been record.
I just finished it in 22 seconds and sent you the video.
This is a decent time but not very good.
21 seconds is quite difficult however. You have to do it many many times after all and that requires much more precision and stamina. I don't want to try it and the level will be changed anyway.

rgds Medimaster

<A few days ago I finally downloaded and installed release 1.21.  I looked for my level "Trains & Tunnels" (raywick006) but couldn't find it.  I probably didn't submit it correctly.  In the process I noticed that all my levels were still the old versions. 
I probably didn't submit them correctly either.  I happened to notice that one of the levels, "Block the Way", had a worlds record of 24 seconds.  I really believe this is an error.  If there is any one out there that can do this level in any time close to that, please video tape it and send it to me.  I would really appreciate seeing how it can be done that fast.>

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