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Re: [Enigma-devel] 64x64 Tilesets

From: Raoul
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] 64x64 Tilesets
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2013 22:48:22 +0200

Hi Evan,

> Hi, I have been a fan of Enigma for years. I am now a graphic
> designer. If I were to make a whole new tileset, how hard would it be
> to add a 'theme' option in the settings?

Well, themes are not supported at all. And I'm not sure how
good that idea would be. Level Design often depends not only
on the features of a particular object but also on its visual
appearance. F.e. choose a floor matching the main stones, make
a level in dark, light or whatever colors etc ...

It *is* easy to test new tiles on a custom installation.

And personally, I think we should make one complete set of tiles
for alle supported resolutions before considering themes at all.
This is still enough work!

> I could work on making larger versions of what already exsists,

Great, that would be *very* welcome.

> But starting from scratch with SVG and later adding pixel effects after
> conversion, might be a nice possibility.

If you actually start working, I can tell you some details on the workflow
and conventions I used while doing some of the improved tiles.

> If I could change tilesets on the fly, I would LOVE
> to design a new tileset.
> Anyway, I'm willing to do any work that is required.

> Oh, and also: would 128 and 256 be nice? If I'm doing the work, I may
> as well do it once.

Right, but the first stop would be gfx80. For even larger tiles we need
to see which size they should have to be usable for the most common
screen resolutions. Additionally we will need some smaller new C++ code
(not a big deal). The major issue I see with huge screens is that 
a level size of 20 x 13 tiles does make little sense and the single things
become dozens of cm^2. It would be better to increase the level resolution
and allow for 40 x 26 or whatever. We would have to consider this
very carefully if at all because it will spoil some levels.

> My idea: Convert the whole tileset to vector (rather easy for me)
> for the base images, and add pixel effects afterwards.

Probably yes.

-- Raoul

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