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Re: [Enigma-devel] Compiling on Debian, libcurl

From: Erich Schubert
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] Compiling on Debian, libcurl
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 22:27:01 +0100

Hello Raoul,
> Today I did a new Debian install with Squeeze.

Debian unstable contains a beta checkout of enigma (SVN revision 2100
from May; which even made it into the last Ubuntu release, despite
being flagged as "not for stable" in Debian). This should be rather
easy to update to a newer SVN checkout.

> @Erich: I assume that there is no FTBFS Error, thus the
> Debian Enigma really does not need the libcurl.

Enigma in unstable depends on libcurl: libcurl3-gnutls
You can see the full build dependencies here:

Enigma 1.01 in squeeze apparently predates the curl use.

So for users in unstable, the build-dep command should work as expected.
And in fact, if you grab the engima and engima-data packages from
unstable, they should be installable on Debian just fine right now:
they were built so long ago that all their dependencies should be in

I was planning on updating the SVN checkout and removing the "do not
pull to testing" flag to give it even more testing (well, and the
Ubuntu users should have been testing it for quite some time, too ...)
Is there some forecast on when the new version will be final?

Actually I will go ahead and remove the "dont for squeeze" bug report.
When my "pre-alpha" package was fine for Ubuntu, it can enter Debian
testing now, too, after squeeze was released now.


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