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[Enigma-devel] Logic level

From: Busser Alain
Subject: [Enigma-devel] Logic level
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 18:57:51 +0400

 We don't want them to use pen & paper.

I did not begin to code (I want to read the ref first because it will be my 
first new API level) 
Yet I begin to conceive in my head something which could avoid the use of 
pencil and paper and still be a meditation level: At the beginning all the 
cells of the table are provided with it-hollows (small) but the pearls would 
have a shovel to erase these it-hollows after each reading of a document (plus 
maybe a dynamite furnisher in case of error) and at the end of the game it 
remains only the hollows that express who is who in the table and the level is 
finish (only I will have to find how I am sure that the data are the good ones 
maybe with a hidden hollow which I erase only when the solution is found).

And if a meditation level is not fitted there can also be a version where 
blackball has to use it-pencils and an it-brush until he knows where to put 
some items (pins, coins etc.).

In any case I am considering stones as names (like Mr. Oxyd, Mr. Quake etc.) 
items as jobs (bomb for the soldier podometer for the engineer etc.) and color 
of socks or hats. Then I would have sentences like "Mr. Concrete is speaking 
with the carpenter" and "the soldier hates the color blue".

Anyway I will wait until next year to begin this level (!)

Happy 2010


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