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Re: [Enigma-devel] Enigma 1.10 Milestone 5 Revision 1877

From: Lukas Schüller
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] Enigma 1.10 Milestone 5 Revision 1877
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 2009 14:51:57 +0100


I have some remarks on some of the new levels:

- I don't see why some levels (lower i, At the Pool) are reloaded after you 
die. Are there really any possible shortcuts by killing yourself? They are both 
good levels, but I find it kind of annoying that you can't fall into the water 
- Tour de France: This is actually a more general aspect, as I think that the 
behaviour of it_drop is a bit strange: If you die, your respawning position is 
where the rotor was transformed back into your marble, and not the starting 
point of the level. Is this intentional or a bug?
- Crabwise: Just a minor thought, how about "Im Krebsgang" (like the book) as a 
german translation?
- Finally, "Floodoban" isn't in the game yet; are you still waiting for a new 
version or did you just miss it?


> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: "Ronald Lamprecht" <address@hidden>
> Gesendet: 28.11.09 16:02:36
> An: enigma-devel <address@hidden>
> Betreff: [Enigma-devel] Enigma 1.10 Milestone 5 Revision 1877

> Hi,
> We reached final milestone 5 of the upcoming 1.10 release! It is 
> revision 1877 on our svn development trunk! It is a pre alpha release 
> for level authors, testers and translators.
> Since milestone 4 we did finish the new API, did update the refman as a 
> reliable source of information being in sync with the development. Many 
> new levels have been added and existing ones have been rewritten. The 
> new screen resolutions are supported by many more optimized images. We 
> did upgrade most external libraries and do now support Windows 7 as well 
> as Mac OS X 10.6.
> With this new milestone 5 we did update the translation base files. As 
> many new levels provide translatable texts, translators should now start 
> updating their files.
> I uploaded a Windows compilation:
> http://download.berlios.de/enigma-game/Enigma-w32-1.1-r1877.zip
> (md5 - 293a3a834e3f399c78945d7d30bc0dea)
> the Mac OS X compilation should follow within the next few days:
> The demo levels discussed in the refman are added to the "Development" 
> levelpack group. Further pure new API feature test levels can be 
> downloaded at:
> http://download.berlios.de/enigma-game/team_test_new_api-r1877.zip
> There are quite a bunch of new API levels already included in the Enigma 
> levelpacks. Here our statistics for the Enigma levelpacks:
> =================================
> Statistics for new API levels:
> ------------------------------
> Number of scanned levels:    833
> Number of rewritten levels:  353
> Number of new API additions: 182
> Number of new API levels:    535
> Number of old API levels:    298
> Ratio of new API levels:     64.00 %
> --------------------------------
> Statistics for rewritten levels:
> --------------------------------
> Sum of old API code lines:   37204
> Sum of new API code lines:   15077
> Number of removed lines:     22127
> Percent removed lines:       60.00 %
> Average removed code per level: 47.59 %
> =================================
> Please note that this milestone is still a development snapshot! 
> Nevertheless it is expected to be very stable. Please report any 
> remaining problems and inconsistencies.
> And what is still missing? Mainly the finalization of the new Sokoban 
> library. And of course the check and additon of a bunch of new levels, 
> the sorting, rating, the translation updates, etc.
> Please drop a note if you like to give us a helping hand in finishing 1.10.
> Greets,
> Ronald
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