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Re: [Enigma-devel] Engima for the iPhone/iPod Touch

From: Geoffrey Gallaway
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] Engima for the iPhone/iPod Touch
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2009 15:18:29 -0500

Would it not be possible for someone to make an iPhone "Oxyd" game with a different name, using Enigma's source code? or does that also violate the GPL?

I won't be able to name the game "Enigma" for an iPhone port, there's already an application in the app store named that. Maybe enigmaphone? iEnigma? who knows, coming up with a good name is a ways off. :)

Since the SDL implementation for the iPhone is out of date (I contacted the developer who had been working on it) it's quite likely that I would rewrite the application in OpenGL instead of SDL. I'm going to go that far I might also rewrite the game in Objective-C which is more of first-class language on the iPhone. So in the end, I would probably be using the enigma source code as more of a reference than a direct port. I would want to be compatible with the massive level collection available for Enigma. Let me be clear here: I completely understand that by looking at the source code to Enigma I can no longer create a clean-room implementation of the game. I do not want to create a clean-room implementation, why start from scratch when I can use code already written to create the application.

I would license the iPhone port of the application under the GPL v2 license and give credit to the original Enigma source code. I would even be more than happy to let nongnu.org/enigma host the code.

I have many fond memories of playing Oxyd and believe that Enigma is a great game for the iPhone. I hope that licensing issues won't get in the way of bringing this great game to the iPhone.


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