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Re: [Enigma-devel] 320x240 support, need help

From: Ronald Lamprecht
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] 320x240 support, need help
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 18:47:45 +0100
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Clarence Risher wrote:
find attached a tarball containing my patch to crudely/partially enable 320x240 support. inside you will find a patch against current svn trunk as well as the following new files:

O.k. - you decided to jump on the 1.10 development branch - namely the trunk. I personally favour this approach as a merge from the 1.01 branch to the 1.10 would be painful. Additionally the GP2X will profit from the performance improvements and the improved support of new screenresolutions in 1.10. Be aware the trunk is currently the main development branch and may thus be instabile in some svn revisions!

BTW you did not attach the compressed svn diff! Please email it directly to me as the size may be too large for the mailing list.


you will also need to duplicate data/gfx32/*.png to data/gfx16/ scaled down 50%, I used imagemagick convert to do this:

cd data/gfx32; for i in *.png; do echo $i; convert -resize 50% $i ../gfx16/$i; done

There should be no need to scale the 32 bit images to external 16 bit files. Enigma can scale down not existing 16 bit images from the 32 bit ones. I did the same trick for the new 64 bit based resolutions. This saves space on the svn and marks clearly which images have been optimized for the new resolutions.

You may still distribute scaled 16 bit images with a 320x240 Enigma version.

And then 320x240 will be playable, if not pretty. Some of the textual screens (credits, help) have not been resized yet, but that is inconsequential to gameplay. More importantly, and the reason I ask for help here, is that I cannot actually get the game to change into 320x240 mode. It works if I edit my ~/.enigmarc.xml and set my video modes to "-10-", but when I try to change to 320x240 from the options menu i end up back in 640x480. I got lost following all the sdl video mode validation code, so I hope someone here can point out where I went wrong.

Besides problems with menus not fitting on the 320x240 screen the support of the new resolution should be limited to a few lines of code. Please test your 320x240 support in the window mode. In full screen mode SDL will refuse to switch to 320x240 if the graphic does not support this resolution. In this case the base resolution is chosen.

PS: some of my methods for deciding when to scale down are inconsistent, because I did not want to use data not already available. I used vminfo.width in most places, but in some places that was lacking while tt/vtt was not.

Unfortunaly I did not yet reengineer all menus to the new style. I just made sure that Enigma runs reasonable with 64 bit based modes to allow testing of new graphics.

PPS: I am quite open to suggestions on better ways to handle the conditional scaling.

Need your diffs for comments.

Wish you all a happy new year,


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