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Re: [Enigma-devel] Release goals, and a few other questions

From: Ronald Lamprecht
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] Release goals, and a few other questions
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 01:01:07 +0200
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Sorry for the late detailed answer.

Tacvek wrote:
Is the up-comming release going to be 1.0?

Yes. As Daniel suggested, we should have a public beta testing phase.

What are the release goals for 1.0?
Obviously xml-ification is a release goal. The level are now converted, so all that would be left in that department is for level creators to add additional metadata as appropriate.
There must be others.

The main goal for 1.00 is a stable fully supported level,index and score
format that gives a chance of compatibility in further 1.** releases.

The remainig tasks from my list are:
- engine compatibility flag XML support (schema addition)
- handle Enigma compatibility release version
- index XML: schema, read/write, reenable history
- levelpack menu with grouping of levelpacks
- levelpack info menu: edit of index metadata
- levelpack edit menu: similar levelmenu, exchange, copy, paste, link,
    delete levels
- search menu: simple textfield with levelpack selection, (+ deep
- second "preference" file: state.xml for state of app: menus, modi,
    annotations, rating
- levelmenu: improve advance, easymode buttons, add hunt-mode button
- TextField mutliline, input-method for non-ascii chars, Clipboard
- score.xml: add of user name, checksum, evaluation scripts for
- Lua update to latest version, recheck usage of Lua functions

The following tasks may be postponed to 1.01
- multilevel/externaldata support for Sokoban
- lib XML: update, upgrade suppoert, protect from shadowing newer
    sytem revisions
- level XML: update, upgrade suppoert, protect from shadowing newer
    sytem revisions

This is generally less work as it looks like as the internal structures
are now prepared. F.e. the levelpack indices already support a grouping.
The demanding tasks are the "input method for non-ascii chars" and the
"score collection and evaluation". The first topic is just a flaw of
Linux, Windows is not affected - actually it is a missing Linux support
of SDL.

Besides this main goals there are the all time valid topics:

- Bugfixing:
Even though the list of known bugs is still increasing, the priority of
these bugs is generally very low as often no existing level is
influenced. I am sure that the current trunk version is more stable than
0.92. Thus bug fixing is a all time valid goal, but currently no
critical 1.00 topic (Hope that remains valid during the beta phase :-) )

Furtheron there are a lot of requested engine additions and
documentation improvement. But here we have to brake when the main goals
are reached.

- Ronald

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