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Re: [Enigma-devel] Successful build under MacOS X 10.3.9

From: Ronald Lamprecht
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] Successful build under MacOS X 10.3.9
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 20:16:19 +0200
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Sidney Markowitz wrote:
I was able to build Enigma under MacOS 10.3.9 with only minor changes to
the svn tree.

I have attached two files, the diff from svn trunk revision 133, and a
howto with the list of the libraries I had to upgrade or install and the
steps I took to build.

The patches to svn should be proper to install for any version. The
attached howto explains what they are.

7. Fixed a compile time problem in src/lev/Proxy.cc resulting from
   package name lua conflicting with an enum value lua, confusing the gcc
   3.3 that is in MacOS X 10.3.9, but apparently not a problem with
   the gcc 4.1 on my Fedora Core 5 system. By replacing the five uses of
   lua:: with ::lua:: in Proxy.cc, it would compile ok in all versions
   of gcc.

These enum name clashes are together with those caused by macros the
most annoying C++ legacy features I know about! Even though it works
with gcc 3.4, 4.0, 4.1 I will rename the enum value in the next revision.

I don't have experience with making apps bundles for MacOSX, and I
didn't try to make a package out of the application. I did succesfully
This could use someone who is familiar with MacOS X application bundles
to make it into an installable package the way someone has done it for
MacOS X 10.4.

src/Makefile.am contains special targets "bundle", "bundle-fw",
"enigma-fw-mosx" - the first must at least be updated to copy data/*.xml
and data/schemas/*.{xsd,xml}.

4. Added a configuration test to lib-src/zipios++/configure.ac that
   sets a MACOSX preprocessor macro when building on MacOS X. This is
   required for zipios++ to build properly. Not having 10.4 here, I
   can only guess that it defines MACOSX in its gcc, as that is what
   zipios checks for.
  If you don't want to modify any files in zipios++, you'll have to
   put the test in enigma's configure.ac and figure out what you can
   pass in to zipios++'s configure that will cause it to define MACOSX
   properly in its compile commmand.

You will need to define MACOSX for the main configure.ac, too. The
bundle support in src/* uses this macro.

BTW can you check src/main.cc lines 408 - 436: The last commented line
should be a valid replacement I wrote for all the lines above. Please
test it if you succeed in bundle building.

I await your patches for addition to the repository.

- Ronald

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