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[Enigma-devel] Reordering the level packs

From: Andreas Lochmann
Subject: [Enigma-devel] Reordering the level packs
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 23:59:59 +0100
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Raoul (derloi-at-bluewin.ch) and I will soon
start the reordering process, and hope to
complete it till the end of January.
We want to:
 => keep the current naming of level packs
 => move original Oxyd/Esprit-levels that sneaked into the
        Enigma-packs back into Oxyds-pack
 => maybe split the Oxyds-pack into Esprit/Oxyd Extra/Per.Oxyd...
        (depending on total number)
 => add new levels from magheut.net and other sources
        if they appear appropriate to us
         -> we'll inform you about these
 => complete the rating for Enigma-pack-levels.
 => remove momentarily broken levels
        -> try to contact the authors
        -> try to repair the levels, if possible
        -> put the rest into Experimental-pack
 => move those levels, that qualify for future two-player-support
        into an own, new level-pack
 => Each of the Enigma-packs should have up to 100 levels
 => Exactly each 10th level in the Enigma-packs will be meditation,
        except for the 100th, which will be a kind of "master level"
 => Ordering with respect to
        -> difficulty
        -> regular occurence of new items
 => Some (the minority) of the "decades" between two meditation-
        levels will feature a common theme of design or gameplay,
        to give some change and orientation to the player
 => reorder the levels physically:
        -> exactly one subdirectory for each level pack, including
              the index_levelpack.txt
        -> one directory "levels/lib/" for libraries like ant.lua,
              we will change the level-files according to this and
              contact the BlackBallEd-group for this change
        -> keeping a copy of ant.lua in "levels/" for backward-
              compatibility with user-made-levels.
        -> on long terms, index.lua should be the only file
              remaining in "levels/"
 => rename the levels with name "level1a.lua" etc. to match
        the current convention "author-number.lua"

Are these points okay?
If you have any comments, additions, wishes or offerings,
please contact us *within the next week*, as we want to start
the reordering-process soon. Thank you.

Nice greetings,

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