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Re: [Enigma-devel] .enigmarc2 for par times

From: drake
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] .enigmarc2 for par times
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 18:06:49 -0400
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Quoth Tacvek <address@hidden>, on 2005-09-21 13:00:11 -0400:
> Are there any times in that file that are possible only due to a glitch/bug 
> in Enigma?
> (a glitch/bug in the level, rather than the engine is not a big deal 
> because when it is fixed the version will be updated and all times 
> invalidated anyway)
> If so care can be taken to avoid those lines being used to update the par 
> times. 

That's a good point; I think I may have a time in there for the
nonexistent "Epimenides" level (from one of the posts to the list)
which I sort of shoved into the Enigma 3 pack locally in order to try
it out.  That should be removed just in case there's a conflict, since
it doesn't correspond to any "official" Enigma 0.92 level AFAIK.
Other than that, paging through the level packs, I don't see any cases
where a game engine bug has helped me.

In some cases I used a stranger-than-usual strategy in order to solve
levels, some of which might be construed as level bugs; for instance,
in Oxyds #117 "Per.Oxyd 55", my strategy was (rot13 to avoid

  1. Trg pehfurq ol obyqre.  Qvr.
  2. Erfcnja, abg orgjrra gur obyqref.  Tb pbhagre-pybpxjvfr naq ragre
     gur vaare nern.  Uvg gur bklq.  Uvg gur fjvgpu gb ghea ba gur ynfre.
     Teno gur sybccl.  Uvg gur ynfre ornz.  Qvr.
  3. Erfcnja, cebonoyl abg orgjrra gur obyqref.  Tb pybpxjvfr naq chg gur
     sybccl va gur sybccl fybg.  Gur bar-jnl neebjf fjvgpu.  Hfr gur ybjre
     bar-jnl neebj gb uvg gur frpbaq bklq.  Jva.

It's hard to tell whether the level designers intended this or not, so
I assume it's a valid way to solve the level, by default...

   ---> Drake Wilson

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