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Re: [Enigma-devel] cvs-compiling

From: Johannes Fortmann
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] cvs-compiling
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 11:56:46 +0100

Am 29. Feb 2004 um 20:14 schrieb Tacvek:

Actually from what i can tell, th GNU Autotools, have some sort of similiar built-in support, using progrmes named auto{gen,conf}-wrapper, that scan the configure.ac and/or makefile.am, calling an old version or a new version as

I have corrisponded privately with michi, and will point out, that my config seems nearly match his, and i get to the point where i can run configure, but it will not build for me (on cygwin, I assume this was just tempory for
me, and have not tried more recently.)

But michi seems to still have this problem so FWIW:
He has:
AC 2.57-5mdk (old: 2.13-19mdk)
AM 1.7.6-1mdk (old: 1.4-23.p6.mdk)
I have:
AC 2.59 (old:2.13)
AM 1.7.9 (old:1.4-p6)

My fault: this is fixed in CVS now. I just had a stray "autoheader" call hanging around. Can you do a cvs update and try it again? It works perfectly on my system (in fact, it did before, but with warnings).
I'm using automake 1.7.6 and autoconf 2.59.


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