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[Emonkey-announce] tangential confusion

From: Job Fletcher
Subject: [Emonkey-announce] tangential confusion
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 11:54:27 -0200
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However, the UK pieces are starting to come together. However, Schmidt is of course vague about what exactly he is ruling out or in.
But if Google did launch some type of browser, it would need to distribute it, and Google is pretty poor at that. Yell have had maps online for a long time, but this is one of them Ajax draggable maps. However, the UK pieces are starting to come together.
This kind of mapping is not just a feature: it is going to be a core component of search and shopping, and Yell is all about search and shopping. Or, with Toolbar and Notebook and Sidebar and Gadgets, surround the browser with so much Google product that the user almost forgets the underlying browser.
Here's hoping other browser manufacturers follow suit.
Does anyone have any recommendations for books and tutorials on Flash aimed at programmers? Google could launch a Firefox so heavily customized that it is de facto a Google Browser. ctypes is particularly interesting as it lets you call functions in compiled DLLs and shared libraries without having to compile a Python wrapper. The organisers are still looking for speakers, so drop them a line if you have something to share. The tab screenshot thumbnails are a nice touch. The images below are of the Barcelona maps. Both events are fun, friendly and open to all.
Take the Zurich Insurance. They're APIs that you call over the Web. Part one, part two, part three, part four.
I'll report back on the experience later. It is pretty obvious that this is the kind. It is pretty obvious that this is the kind.
That is true for the Internet, indeed for the world as a whole.

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