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[Emonkey-announce] well-done

From: Andromache Buckner
Subject: [Emonkey-announce] well-done
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 18:54:12 -0300

Now I think Ill sneak off and see if I reallylike it! Sam was afraid that he was not tohave his rediscovery of New York.
But Fran was magnificently offended whenhe made the hint.
In between shemanaged to fit three hours a week of French lessons. I suppose youare referring to boys like Gioserro and Billy Dawson.
Delicate irony isnt your long suit, my dear good man!
Well,if he hasnt read so much, he remembers all he has read.
And hed thought hed behaved so beautifully tonight!
Paris is nothing but a post-graduate course inBroadway. Sam was appreciative enough, but Ross waseloquent, he was lyric, he was tremendous. I notice that whenever hes with us, he always manages tolet me pay.
She seemed softer, morerelaxed, more lovely, and considerably less dependent on him.
She vanished into the bathroom, to dress, and nothing more could beget out of her. Shewas surrounded by amusing men, and warmed by their extravagantcompliments. Married couples didbreak up, quite incredibly, after years. And presently he became weary of their insane dashing. And when I want to travel, I want toTRAVEL! And before every otherbungalow was a Revelation car. Or, to take the example of Renees friend, Mrs. He had many people to see in New York before he went to New Havenfor his class reunion. If I am, Im going to retireto a log cabin and grow corn!
And of what he had left to keep life tolerable, Fran was first. Oh, my dear, forgive youridiotic, feather-brained wife! If I am, Im going to retireto a log cabin and grow corn!
But Fran was magnificently offended whenhe made the hint.
After the theater, well meet Renee dePenable and some other people and dance.
He saw life as something greater and more excitingthan food and a little sleep.
Wonder if Ill be as drya bladder as he is in fifteen years? Ive practically promised Renee dePenable to take a villa with her near Montreux for the summer.
Im keen to see America; tickled to death Imgoing back in June.

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