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[Emonkey-announce] present

From: William Shields
Subject: [Emonkey-announce] present
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 11:28:14 +0200

I did one more voyage with him, and was not so lucky. It was worth while just to see the looks on those Indians faces. I might say the Chiefs difficulties were by no means imaginary.
Then a bit lower down on the opposite side, another convenient eddy mustbe found. I certainly didnot make a fortune; in fact, not only made nothing but lost all I had. All right, said he, with biting contempt, takethe gig and lets see what YOU can do.
These Housa boys also soon got wound up to the dancingstage of excitement. For day and days we would be plodding on through forests, hardly everseeing the sun.
Nevertheless, I, for one, hadhad enough of Bully Waters.
We put the cause of all our anxious hoursinto the pot, and cooked him for the next meal. No one ever had a closer call, though Bill didnt seem to worry. We stuck to the trail for a couple of hoursuntil it completely disappeared. However, nothing was ever broken, all credit to the old boy. Lawrence, and in those days ten knots wasconsidered quite a good speed. On this point at least, Bill was luridly emphatic, so thatended all talk of keeping watch. The waterfairly curls up at the bow, and you simply tear across the river at therate of knots.
Bill would goanywhere where anyone else would lead.
That was the Quartermaster, and he was drowning. Many and evening wepassed away singing old popular songs.
Having landed in thebottom of the canoe you seize your paddle, and dig like fury. I had not noticed that I had been sitting with my feet in the middle ofthe coil. One speaks, rather loosely, of perfect silence.
I doubt if the bullet took any effect, but beforehe could reload, Tiger Jim had disappeared.
Welived in a state of moisture and the only wonder is that we didnt growwebs to our toes.

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