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[Emonkey-announce] tweak

From: George Hendrix
Subject: [Emonkey-announce] tweak
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 02:23:56 -0700

I know what youre up to down there, she said. It will cost you a good deal, Elizabeth, he said evasively.
But within two months he moaned bitterly his unwetted thirst.
Theres her full name, age, place of birth, and so on, shesaid, giving him a scrawled envelope.
But he tired very quickly of his new love.
I curse the day Iwas given life by that bloodthirsty Monster up above .
Currant jelly where a face was, the chin shot off.
He pronged her larded ribs with scooped fingers. Do their guts or their brains comespilling out? The doctor gave up entiremornings to the treatment of Gants disease. He used to give the barman a bonus toget up early.
With burning sidelong face he looked quickly up at Gant, twistinghis convulsive neck. They say he stolethe formula from old mountain woman. The moon stood already, like its own phantom, in the clear washedskies of evening. But Eliza was in splendid condition now to ponder upon the death ofothers.
When the purple canopy of dawn had been reft asunder by the rays ofthe invading sun.
All This WeekGus Nolan and His Georgia Peaches.
Eugeneremembered the day, years before, when he went proudly with hisfather to the polls. In summer, a tallspire blown in blue sheets of spray.
His life was theshadow of a shadow, a play within a play. Waited to marry her when that rich young Cuban died, so they couldtake honeymoon to Havana.
The boyspluttered idiotically with laughter.
Helen came back into the house with an angry perturbed face. You get his purse, son, and any papers he may have, she directed. They turned down Spring Street by the Baptist Church. Sentinelled just beyond the wooden doors, the angel leered vacantlydown.
Faro coughed and slidforward slowly upon the floor.
The saloons had been closed for years:the town had been one of the first to vote on local option. He pronged her larded ribs with scooped fingers.

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