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[Emonkey-announce] adorn

From: Beck Crowley
Subject: [Emonkey-announce] adorn
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 17:29:20 -0400

I assured them that all was going well: but they wouldnot get away till some husbands delivered me.
He advised a drive at the far end of the Turkish line, nearBeersheba. After the train was taken, the Howeitat had stripped him ofcloak, dagger, rifle and head-gear.
So, watching the time, one or two of the quickeryouths nipped across to drag back the saddlebags.
CHAPTER LXVIILewis and Stokes had come down to help me. In the lull, I ran southward to join the sergeants.
One of those yet alive deliriously cried out the word typhus.
The sergeants and I werealone by the wreck, which had a strange silence now. Of our ninety prisoners, ten werefriendly Medina women electing to go to Mecca by way of Feisal.
As the flames reached the cordite and ammonal there was a colossal andcontinuing noise. My men, possessed by greed, haddispersed over the land with the Beduins. Not often was I caught with so poor a shield as blindSherif Aid. Evidently we had a half-hourrespite, and then a double threat against us. It drew near where we had been reported, and opened random fire intothe desert. Yet they wouldnot finish their looting before the Turks came.
He asked about Wadi Musa, because Turkish messages showed theirintention to assault it at once.
TheTurks were almost arrived and would recover what remained of the train.
The Turks there, seeing them go, began to move after themwith infinite precaution, firing volleys.
It seemed fair and witty thatthis much of the booty should escape. The second engine was a blanched pile of smokingiron. I replied with myhalting German; whereupon one, in English, begged a doctor for hiswounds. The Turks there, seeing them go, began to move after themwith infinite precaution, firing volleys.
So we lit fires ina deep hollow, baked bread and were comfortable. We wentto Rumm and announced that this raid was specially for Gasims clan. There must have been onehundred and fifty of them, and our attempt was hopeless. Afterwards we moved off another ten miles or so, beyond fear ofpursuit.
We knew its place because the deep darkness there grewhumidly darker.
Saad repeated historyby saving only the wire for his share. So we determined toput up with the disadvantages of plunging fire. We calculated they might be two or three hundred yards short of us whenthe train came.
Day broke quietly, and for hours we watched the empty railway with itspeaceful camps. We were exhausted, the prisoners had drunk all ourwater.

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