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[Emonkey-announce] con man restraint

From: Sara Quinn
Subject: [Emonkey-announce] con man restraint
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 14:49:48 +0300

His language was lessintelligible, but far more impressive. It may be I am able to furtheryour plans, my friend, he said. Then he spoke kindly, considerately, of Dr.
Greatheart would still beavailable for the comforting of pilgrims.
Him I could not refrain from answering in his owntongue. I am only a little way on theroad to enlightenment.
There was nobody in theWynd but some children playing, and the odds were four to one. We have heard of your fine work and your world-moulding discoveries. Ye cad yoursel Gentleman Geordie, and ye went off wi my siller.
The young prophet was in danger ofbecoming a Frankensteins monster, which he could not control. Perhaps his friend Ulrici had spoken a word in the right place. It was a remark of Hannays thatdrew from him the following story.
There was nothing for it but to deport him as anundesirable, so one fine morning Dr. This much I can tell, but howI know I cannot tell.
Once I studiedat the University there, and I love the bright city. The General lifted a flamboyant plate whereon the name of Dr. He had a lot of badinage with Zenobia about her life inthe desert.
In a second or two he was joined by three others, amongthem my persecutor. Lartius was an adept at delicate flattery. I will give you proofs, he said, withunwonted passion in his voice. We have heard of your fine work and your world-moulding discoveries. He had no single methodof treatment, and varied his manner according to the motives of theinquirer. Lartius, said the visitor, a middle-aged man with a peakedgrey beard and hair cut en brosse.
I hadnone, so when the man came round I could only offer a Bank ofEngland five-pound note. Ulrici pressed him further on the matter of Britain, but couldwake no bitterness. Beingchased like a fox is amusing enough for an hour or two, but it soonpalls. They tell me the Law winna help me to recover a bet,so Ill just trust to my nieves. A few stages, said the other, and in the ardour of exposition hegave proofs.

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