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Re: Official Backup Solution Thread

From: Yuchen Pei
Subject: Re: Official Backup Solution Thread
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2021 23:26:25 +1100
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Hello it's me again :p
On Mon, Dec 06 2021, ry via emacsconf-org wrote:

> Hey all!
> I'd love to generate some discussion on what backup solution we'd like to
> implement. For this, I'd like to point all of us unfamiliar with the topic to 
> a great
> questionnaire presented in an excerpt UNIX and Linux System Administration
> Handbook by Evi Nemeth (which I highly recommend, as it is the bible for
> SysAdminning, and a wealth of great fun knowledge imo).
> Regardless of the exact technology you use to implement backups, you need a
> written plan that
> answers at least the following questions:
> Overall strategy:
> What data is to be backed up?
> What system or technology will perform the backups?
> Where will backup data be stored?
> Will backups be encrypted? If so, where will encryption keys be stored?
> How much will it cost to store backups over time?
> Timelines:
> How often will backups be performed?
> How often will backups be validated and restore-tested?
> How long will backups be retained?
> People:
> Who will have access to backup data?
> Who will have access to the encryption keys that protect backup data?
> Who will be in charge of verifying the execution of backups?
> Who will be in charge of validating and restore-testing backups?
> Use and protection:
> How will backup data be accessed or restored in an emergency?
> How will you ensure that neither a hacker nor a bogus process can corrupt,
> modify, or
> delete backups? (That is, how will you achieve immutability?)
> How will backup data be protected against being taken hostage by an
> adversarial
> cloud provider, vendor, or government?
> The best answers to these questions vary by organization, type of data,
> regulatory environment,
> technology platform, and budget, just to name a few potential factors.
> Take time today to map out a backup plan for your environment or to review
> your existing
> backup plan.

I quite like the simplicity and usefulness of basic plans offered by VPS
providers of periodic snapshots.  So how about daily snapshot as a
simple solid starting point?

> This is just a food for thought e-mail to get us all thinking about how we 
> would
> like to tackle this. If we could come up with a solution and implementation
> before the years end that would be ideal. Especially because zaeph and sachac
> are pulling no punches in getting serious work done and it'd be nice to 
> support
> that hard work with safety of their work off-site. 
> I'll make a separate e-mail with my ideas to keep this one from being too 
> long.
> :)
> Thanks!
> -opalvaults (Ry)


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