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Call for VM Access

From: ry
Subject: Call for VM Access
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2021 17:46:06 -0800

Hello all!

We'd like to get an idea of who needs/wants a VM allocated to them so that we can start getting people access as soon as possible. We can set up a more official method/form further the road if urgency doesn't require one sooner (due to volume of requests, resources low, etc). My principle concern is getting everyone off of the bare metal, and into their own production environment.

Depending on our hypervisor solution, we will likely be able to offer containers in place of VM's for those who need a smaller environment. We will also be working on backup solutions for your data within the VMs/container ASAP.

Please feel free to voice your VM wants/needs here so we have a count/plan in allocation.

Thanks all!

-opalvaults (Ry)

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