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Re: self-referencing babel shell code blocks

From: HJ
Subject: Re: self-referencing babel shell code blocks
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2021 01:33:07 +0100

Dear Mr Kitchin,

  you are a genius !!!!!!


  Wow. I couldn't imagine someone might be able to do this so quickly and perfectly. Wow.

   thank you so much


PS: Now I'm off to figure out how to invoke emacs to tell it to open up the window and show this file at the place where this-block block appears ...

On 1/18/21 1:12 AM, John Kitchin wrote:
I guess this is what you mean:

* heading L1_12
** heading L2_37

#+name: this-block
#+header: :var VAR1=(getenv "HOSTNAME")
#+header: :var VAR2=(message user-login-name)
#+header: :var VAR3=(buffer-file-name)
#+header: :var VAR4=(org-element-property :name (org-element-context))
#+header: :var VAR5=(org-no-properties (org-display-outline-path nil t))
#+header: :var VAR5a=(line-number-at-pos (org-element-property :begin (org-element-context))) #+header: :var VAR6=(s-trim (shell-command-to-string "git rev-parse HEAD")) #+header: :var VAR7=(s-trim (shell-command-to-string "git branch --show-current"))
#+BEGIN_SRC sh :results raw
echo Run by $VAR2 from $VAR3
echo In a src-block named $VAR4 in $VAR5 at line $VAR5a
echo on commit $VAR6 in git branch $VAR7

#+RESULTS: this-block
Run by jkitchin from /Users/jkitchin/Dropbox/emacs/journal/2021/01/17/2021-01-17.org <http://2021-01-17.org>
In a src-block named this-block in heading L1_12/heading L2_37 at line 140
on commit a07475addc3fdf557fb46a72b1100cf1c9c0805a in git branch master


Professor John Kitchin
Doherty Hall A207F
Department of Chemical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
http://kitchingroup.cheme.cmu.edu <http://kitchingroup.cheme.cmu.edu>

On Sun, Jan 17, 2021 at 4:42 PM HJ <hj-orgmode-1@hj.proberto.com <mailto:hj-orgmode-1@hj.proberto.com>> wrote:


       I'm  trying to figure out how to write a block , header,
    whatever is necessary so the output of a command in babel source
    identifies it own position - the line (or block or something) in
    (or at least the file) in which it is written. ( Plus the checked out
    git revision / branch. )

      I've been experimenting with the following, so far without much
    luck ...

      Which of these pieces of information (see the "echo" line below)
    is it
    possible to get? Which is easy? (variables VAR[0345] are most
    How would one write a snippet which provides (some of) this

      Is it much harder with command 1 being SSH to a remote machine?
    ":dir user@remotemachine:/some/dir" work better? Or at all?

      Perhaps I would know how to find out VAR6 and VAR7 by running first
    some `git cmd1` and `git cmd2` locally in a " command 0 " - but is
    a way to get that info from magit somehow?

      But what I am most desperate for is how to cause orgmode block
    to set
    VAR0, VAR3, VAR4 and VAR5, and - also fairly important - how to
    use the
    combination of VAR[0345] do open / recall the file onto the screen

      Thanks a million for helping me out here ...


    This is the sample file :

    * heading L1_12
       Hello and welcome, this is a file with self-referencing shell
    babel source code blocks
    ** heading L2_37
    #+NAME: block220
    #+BEGIN_SRC  bash  :session sess9
       : command 0 ;  cd
    _how-do-I-find-the-dir-of-currently-edited-file_ ; VAR6=`git cmd1`
    ; VAR7=`git cmd2`
       : command 1 ;  ssh -o "SetEnv VAR1=machine VAR2=user VAR3=..." 


    #+NAME: block225
    #+BEGIN_SRC  bash  :session sess9
       : command 2 ; : do some computation on targetMachine
       : command 3 ; echo This code has been launched from emacs
    process VAR0:_EMACS_SESSION_ID_ \
         on computer $VAR1:_SRC_HOSTNAME_ \
         run by user $VAR2:_USER_ \
         from file $VAR3:_FILENAME_ \
         code block named $VAR4:block225 \
         in this file positioned under headings: $VAR5:heading
    L1_12/heading L2_37/ \
         which is checked out from $VAR6:_GIT_COMMIT_ID_ \
         on branch $VAR7:_GIT_BRANCH_
       : command 3 continues ; echo To display the buffer which
    launched this code on the screen of the running emacs session, run
    the following command :    emacs _What_the_heck_do_I_put_here?_  '&'

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