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[O] [PATCH] Fixing org-store-link for eshell

From: Abhishek Chandratre
Subject: [O] [PATCH] Fixing org-store-link for eshell
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2019 23:20:06 -0700

Hello all,
Thank you for supporting and maintaining org mode.

I wanted to use org-store-link for eshell, but it failed.
Looked like dired-directory was nil, I fixed it by calling (eshell/pwd) to get pwd.
I tested with and without TRAMP, works like a charm.

The patch did not create new test case failures, but for master branch on my machine I saw 6 test case failure (not related to patch).

6 unexpected results:
   FAILED  ob-sed-test/cmd-line-header-argument
   FAILED  ob-shell/bash-uses-assoc-arrays
   FAILED  ob-tangle/jump-to-org
   FAILED  test-ob-shell/session
   FAILED  test-org-attach/dir
   FAILED  test-org-table/sort-lines

I will try investigate and address them in another patch.

Attachment: 0001-ol-eshell.el-Fix-org-store-link-for-eshell.patch
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