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[O] Insert subheading at top respect content

From: Nathan Neff
Subject: [O] Insert subheading at top respect content
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2019 03:12:24 -0500

Hello all,

Something that's eluded me all this time has been an
"Insert subheading, after the content, but before other subheadings"

For example:
If my cursor is anywhere between lines 1 and 4, I would like the subheading
to be inserted at line 5.

1* Heading
2 Some content
3 More content
5** Subheading 1
6** Subheading 2
I know there's org-insert-subheading and C-u which respects content, but
respect-content will insert a subheading at line 7 in the example above.  I would
like to have a new subheading at line 4.


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