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Re: [O] exported contacts problem

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: [O] exported contacts problem
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2019 13:38:20 -0700
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David Masterson <address@hidden> writes:

> Eric Abrahamsen <address@hidden> writes:
>> But Org can be an excellent *interface* to those tools, mostly through
>> dynamic blocks. I've started using small sqlite databases to keep track
>> of things, and dynamic blocks as sql composers/views, and it works
>> great. It's very easy to play with the queries, and this is the first
>> time I'm actually starting to feel comfortable with sql.
>> I think in general Org is best used as a compositional tool for data
>> drawn from elsewhere.
> What do you think of RDB? It seems to be an old set of Perl scripts
> derived from /rdb (an older set of Unix shell scripts) that can be used
> to do basic relational database commands on textual database tables.  If
> it could be translated into an Elisp package, it would fit the Emacs
> model of open source and easily understandable data storage.  It can be
> gotten via ftp here:
> cdb.netbsd.org/pub/pkgsrc/distfiles/RDB-2.6d.tar.gz

I've never heard of it! But from your description it kind of sounds like
another attempt to use relational databases without actually using
relational databases :) I guess I think databases are one of those
things you should delegate to an external program. Org is already pretty
good at interfacing with them.

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