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Re: [O] Latex single dollar math delimiter question

From: Jarmo Hurri
Subject: Re: [O] Latex single dollar math delimiter question
Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2019 11:58:54 +0300
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"Fraga, Eric" <address@hidden> writes:

> On Sunday,  4 Aug 2019 at 08:31, Jarmo Hurri wrote:
>> Can someone explain why the single '$' characters below are not
>> recognized as math delimiters?
>> a /complex number/ $z = a + ib,$ where
> What are you expecting?  What happens if you export the file to PDF?

Sorry, I assumed incorrectly that my question was self-explanatory. When
I export the file to PDF, the dollar characters are not regonized as
math delimiters.

Based on the manual I would have expected math delimiters. Referring
again to the manual: "single ‘$’ characters are only recognized as math
delimiters if the enclosed text contains at most two line breaks, is
directly attached to the ‘$’ characters with no whitespace in between,
and if the closing ‘$’ is followed by whitespace, punctuation or a

Since the equation in my example contains no line breaks, is directly
attached with no whitespace in between the equation and the dollar
signs, and the closing '$' is followed by whitespace, I would expect
math delimiter behaviour.

Removing all whitespace, that is, $z=a+ib,$ does not help.

> By the way, you might be interested in the following configuration
> snippet which makes org insert \(\) when you type a single $ (and a $
> if you type 2 of them in a row).

That is a nice little tool.

I have gotten used to writing '\(' and '\)' instead of '$' for a long
time. I was doing it for the millionth time and decided to take a look
at what the manual says. Hence this post.

Hope this clarifies my question.


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