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Re: [O] exported contacts problem

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: [O] exported contacts problem
Date: Sat, 03 Aug 2019 07:25:14 +1000
User-agent: mu4e 1.3.4; emacs 26.2.90

I tried gnus some time ago and use to use it when I read
newsgroups. While I find it to be an extremely powerful and capable
package, I never got comfortable with using it for mail. I once used VM
and then mew, but now mu4e, which I think is fantastic. Part of what I
like about it is the nice workflow I have with org-mode.

I've not yet worried too much about contact management though. Maybe I
don't have any friends! I do find the combination of org-mode, mu4e and
mbsync works well for my private and work email accounts (gmail, outlook
and exchange or office365). As I work on both Linux and OSX, I don't
worry about contacts and calendar invites too much as OSX just takes
care of that for me (I have apple mail configured for my accounts, but
rarely every use it). Mu4e has its own contact database built in, but it
can also be configured to use BBDB (though I've not done that). 

I did need to tweak mu4e a little to work well with emacspeak.


Jude DaShiell <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm using nothing for contacts management by now.  I don't use moo or
> gnus since I've had limited success setting up either one of them.  I
> may take anotheeer throw at gnus since I have a gmail and panix account
> and both accounts have usenet newsgroups capability.
> On Sat, 3 Aug 2019, Tim Cross wrote:
>> Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2019 16:33:37
>> From: Tim Cross <address@hidden>
>> To: address@hidden
>> Subject: Re: [O] exported contacts problem
>> Are you using an emacs based email client like mu4e or gnus? What (if
>> anything) do you use to manage contact information now i.e. BBDB, Asking as
>> I am aware that some email clients have support for vcard processing and
>> some contact managers also have support for vcard (i.e. bbdb), so
>> initial processing may be easier from witin the mail client (new
>> versions of mu4e are moving to use gnus as the message view mode, which
>> has some advantced functions for dealing with vcard and ical
>> attachments).
>> There is also an org-vcard module, but last time I tried using this, I
>> encountered some problems (can't remember what they were now - it was a
>> while back, but it may have only support older vcard versions).
>> Jude DaShiell <address@hidden> writes:
>> > I have one email message with several .vcf file attachments.  Has orgmode
>> > got any tool or tools I can use to import contacts from such a message
>> > into an orgmode table?

Tim Cross

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