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[O] python source block weirdness

From: Brad Knotwell
Subject: [O] python source block weirdness
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2019 18:39:50 +0000 (UTC)

Good day all--

I've been reading on the mailing list and web about this but it's entirely unclear to me what I need to do to make this work.  I have a minimal example below to show what I'm fighting.

The raw/generated documents below show the problem clearly as the second block doesn't run correctly.  Looking in the session, it receives an "unexpected indent" error which is unreasonable as I can paste that code into Python's REPL and get an expected result.

Looking around a bit, people were seeing this 4-5 years ago but I haven't been able to find anything since.  Relevant version info:  9.2 orgmode, High Sierra OSX, and 2.7.10 Python.



#+NAME: works
#+begin_src python :session broken :exports both
s = 3
t = 4
'result = %d' % (s + t)

Working result below:
#+RESULTS: works

#+NAME: surprise
#+begin_src python :session broken :exports both

Surprising result (AKA nothing) below:
#+RESULTS: surprise

leads to the following output:

| s = 3
| t = 4
| 'result = %d' % (s + t)

Working result below:
| result = 7

| try:
|     'hi'
| except:
|     'there'

Surprising result (AKA nothing) below:

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