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Re: [O] Regression - problem with links

From: Bernt Hansen
Subject: Re: [O] Regression - problem with links
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2019 16:34:07 -0400
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Bernt Hansen <address@hidden> writes:

> Marco Wahl <address@hidden> writes:
>> Hi,
>> [...]
>>> My links are like this:
>>> [[https://somewebsiteaddress.net/path/to/page.do][Timekeeper]]
>>> [[id:eb1085ed-15fe-46a3-8b5e-3971587d1123][OTL 2019]]
>>> and I want to see
>>> [1] Timekeeper
>>> [2] OTL 2019
>>> but instead I get the address like this which is much less useable
>>> [1] https://somewebsiteaddress.net/path/to/page.do
>>> [2] id:eb1085ed-15fe-46a3-8b5e-3971587d1123
>> This sounds like a bug fixed a few days ago.
>> https://code.orgmode.org/bzg/org-mode/commit/b1429cdfe043b199bb7be6dc5c97a299954b4e0d
>> Can you check if the fix is in your copy of Org?
> I have that commit in my current git version.
> Last week I noticed agenda clock reports had file: text before this fix
> and reverted back to normal looking clock reports after however the menu
> from C-c C-o doesn't display link descriptions for me.
> I'll try to isolate which commit breaks this.
> Regards,
> Bernt

My current master  is

f0dc3a06d (test-org-clock: Fix one test, 2019-03-15)

This may be another case that isn't covered by the fix.
maint displays links correctly but master does not for me in the menu
when you select a link to jump to with C-c C-o from the heading or from
the agenda.

git bisect identifies the following commit:

2b00d6281606ef295dadbe4ddd929ebdd6716d60 is the first bad commit
commit 2b00d6281606ef295dadbe4ddd929ebdd6716d60
Author: Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden>
Date:   Sat Mar 9 10:58:41 2019 +0100

    Change bracket link escape syntax

    * contrib/lisp/org-link-edit.el (org-link-edit--link-data):
    * lisp/ob-tangle.el (org-babel-tangle-comment-links): Update
    (org-babel-detangle): Remove unnecessary `org-link-escape' call.
    (org-babel-tangle-jump-to-org): Update match group.
    (org-link-escape-chars): Remove variables.
    * lisp/ol.el (org-link--decode-compound): Renamed from
    (org-link--decode-single-byte-sequence): Renamed from
    (org-link-make-regexps): Update `org-link-bracket-re' syntax.
    (org-link-encode): New function, renamed from `org-link-escape'.
    (org-link-decode): New function, renamed from `org-link-unescape'.
    (org-link-unescape): Use new escape syntax.
    (org-link-make-string): Apply new escaping rules.
    (org-insert-link): Update match group.
    * lisp/org-agenda.el (org-diary):
    (org-agenda-to-appt): Update match group.
    * lisp/org-clock.el (org-clocktable-write-default): Update match
    * lisp/org-element.el (org-element-link-parser): Update match group.
    * lisp/org-mobile.el (org-mobile-escape-olp):
    (org-mobile-locate-entry): Apply function renaming.
    * lisp/org-protocol.el (org-protocol-split-data):
    (org-protocol-parse-parameters): Apply function renaming.
    * lisp/org.el (org-refile): Update match group.
    * testing/README (Interactive testing from within Emacs): Fix
    * testing/lisp/test-ol.el (test-ol/encode): Merge old escape tests.
    (test-ol/decode): Merge old unescape tests.
    (test-ol/make-string): New tests.
    * testing/lisp/test-org-clock.el (test-org-clock/clocktable/link):
    * testing/lisp/test-org.el (test-org/custom-id):
    * testing/lisp/test-ox.el (test-org-export/resolve-fuzzy-link):

:040000 040000 474dd71a09f6396ef593cf061aa0001968fb5412
976cda41aeecca75da7c5982aeb89a2cde5e5567 M      contrib
:040000 040000 2ab4f30b6deac5cfc4c9e83fc1f2ac013232f8da
d7b6b3c0ff0adda1a557dfe87bffd0d8f17f6659 M      lisp
:040000 040000 133b3e5e20e848a7347ca4c73c517bca4120461d
28f9768c483af5bce6a242889360747be4ac865a M      testing


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