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[O] 45048eb78359fc742097982fc1adc5ca5e4b2509 Fix `C-e' with visible line

From: Clément Pit-Claudel
Subject: [O] 45048eb78359fc742097982fc1adc5ca5e4b2509 Fix `C-e' with visible lines and arguments
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2017 15:25:11 -0400
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Hi all,

Commit 45048eb78359fc742097982fc1adc5ca5e4b2509 (Fix `C-e' with visible lines 
and arguments, 
 breaks my usual org-mode workflow, in which I commonly press C-e to go past 
the ellipses of a folded headline and press M-S-RET to insert a new TODO item.  
With the change, C-e M-S-RET now moves the body of the current todo entry below 
the new todo header.

It used to be the case that C-e moved past ellipses, which made it very easy to 
insert a new TODO item below the current one.  Is there an easy way to do the 
same thing now that C-e leaves the point before ellipses?  C-u C-u M-S-RET 
inserts at the end of the current list, unfortunately.  

I realize that the change in behavior isn't an accident (the commit updated the 
docstring to say "Go to the end of the line, but before ellipsis, if any."), 
but I'm curious to know whether I was doing something wrong before, and whether 
there is a simple way to achieve the behavior I described now (short of 
flet-ing end-of-line to end-of-visual-line around calls to org-end-of-line).


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