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Re: [O] ANN: org-sticky-header

From: Charles C. Berry
Subject: Re: [O] ANN: org-sticky-header
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2017 17:06:14 -0700
User-agent: Alpine 2.20 (OSX 67 2015-01-07)

On Wed, 19 Apr 2017, Adam Porter wrote:

This should now be fixed.  Thanks!

I have encountered a bug when trying to export a subtree containing an inlinetask just after the headline/metadata and a src block further down.

Here is an ECM:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
* a Headline
*************** my task

  Do this well!

*************** END

#+NAME: my-model
#+BEGIN_src latex :results latex
    y = x + z
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

Put the cursor under the headline (at the end of buffer, say) then type

C-c C-e C-s l L y

and without org-sticky-header mode you get an exported buffer.

With org-sticky-header mode, it just hangs after the 'y' is typed.

Also, if you put point at the beginning of the second line (the start
of the inlinetask) and type

: M-: (narrow-to-region (point) (point-max))

it will narrow if o-s-h mode is off, but hang if it is on.

Adding a newline after the headline `cures' the export problem.
However, if point is at the start of an inlinetask, then emacs will
hang when running the narrow-to-region snippet above regardless of

p.s. I am using commit b82b4f210e... (newest at this time)


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