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Re: [O] Variables in properties no longer working

From: Andreas Mueller
Subject: Re: [O] Variables in properties no longer working
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2017 22:31:38 +0200
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Indeed! Thank you for the hint & sorry for the noise.

Best regards, Andreas

Thibault Marin wrote:
> Hi,
> The syntax has changed in org-9, see
> http://orgmode.org/manual/Header-arguments-in-Org-mode-properties.html#Header-arguments-in-Org-mode-properties
> The following seems to fix your example:
> :HEADER-ARGS: :var      foo="bar"
> Andreas Mueller writes:
>> Hello
>> The attached example seems to be broken with latest org from ELPA
>> (org-20170210).
>> I can reproduce it with an empty emacs config - it works with org
>> 8.2.10, but when I install org-20170210 I get "Symbol's value as
>> variable is void: foo".
>> Thanks & best regards, Andreas

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