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[O] Trouble exporting inline code blocks

From: Richard Stanton
Subject: [O] Trouble exporting inline code blocks
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2017 10:56:34 -0700

Here’s a very simple org file:


Some inline Python code: 2 plus 2 is src_python[:session]{2+2}


If I put the cursor on the code block and type C-c C-c, I get  nice results 
block containing the answer, 4. So far so good.

I’d like to export just the results to PDF via LaTeX. However, no matter what 
options I pass, the exported PDF file shows both the source and the output. 

src_python[:session :exports results]{2+2}
src_python[:session :exports none]{2+2}

Am I missing something? Thanks. By the way, I’m using org mode v. 9.0.5. 

Richard Stanton

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