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Re: [O] Footnotes in image captions

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: Re: [O] Footnotes in image captions
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2016 21:12:51 +0530
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> In a nutshell, I'm sure that it will work in your use case, and I can
> even perceive the interest in having footnotes within captions. However,
> handling all the implied corner cases is going to be some tedious work,
> if doable at all. We might try, nonetheless, to introduce footnotes in
> captions as an experimental feature, but not before 9.0 release, and not
> without some developer support to handle the issues that would arise (as
> a reminder I'm an expert neither in LaTeX nor in HTML).

I totally agree. No objections. When I brought up this matter, I thought
it might be just a little tweak to the org export code. I didn't realize
that there would be this many complications.

As for my use case, I can handle it easily enough without using
footnotes. So, I don't really need footnote support in image captions. I
only brought it up because I thought it might be a more generally useful
feature than my specific use case. So, this feature, if implemented, can
definitely wait. No hurry.

Arun Isaac.

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