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[O] Multiple bibliography files with ox-bibtex and html export

From: Thibault Marin
Subject: [O] Multiple bibliography files with ox-bibtex and html export
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2016 23:14:09 -0500
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Hi list,

I would like to use ox-bibtex to export a bibliography to html with
multiple bibliography files, as follows:

#+BIBLIOGRAPHY: bibtex_1.bib,bibtex_2.bib plain option:-d option:-noabstract 

This works with latex export but not with html (I get a "Executing
bibtex2html failed").  It appears that bibtex2html can only process a
single file.

I am attaching a patch which allows me to use multiple files with html
export.  It creates a combined bibliography file and call bibtex2html on
it.  I am not sure this is the best way to address this, so any
suggestion would be welcome.

Does this look like something that could be merged?


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