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Re: [O] Sharing documents with bibtex bibliography from org to non-org u

From: Maria Shinoto
Subject: Re: [O] Sharing documents with bibtex bibliography from org to non-org users
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2016 14:34:21 +0900
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Am 17.08.16 um 11:00 schrieb Ken Mankoff:

Pandoc does work well, but I notice you didn't say tables. Does it
> that for you well? For me, they are unreadable, with each column a
> full
> page width, and the table therefore far too wide.

You could write the tables in Latex, Pandoc accepts that. But I think in this case you cannot work with .docx -- I am not sure. But you can also work on the default template and change the settings for tables. I have several templates (Latex, beamer) for several purposes, really a nice feature.

Anyway, in pandoc "x" is properly exported as a math symbol, but it
> doesn't look very good and has a box around it. The m^-3 is not exported
> properly. I see a "m", and then an empty math box, and then the
> superscript "-3".

If I do Org -> ODT, the "x" is not technically correct, but looks
> better. It is just italicized. The exponent is properly written next to
> them without an empty math box between the two.

Both problems can be solved in the template either. You can have a look at the Latex Pandoc produces, then change to what you need and enter this into the template.


If someone has a different suggestion for how to write this in Org
pandoc->DOCX, I'd be grateful, because references and figures are
handled better by pandoc than Org -> ODT.


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