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Re: [O] Controlling exported Beamer quote indentation / width

From: Eric S Fraga
Subject: Re: [O] Controlling exported Beamer quote indentation / width
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2016 12:06:02 +0100
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On Tuesday,  9 Aug 2016 at 09:05, Jarmo Hurri wrote:
> Greetings.
> Currently in my Beamer slides quotes in second-level lists get cropped
> outside the view window. Attached is a demo of this. How do I control
> the indentation and/or the width of the quote?

This is really a LaTeX question.  Quote environments are not really
designed to be within lists.  Either put it at a top level heading
(within the frame, of course) or embed it within a minipage of an
appropriate width.

> As an interesting side effect, the attached file takes ages (like 30
> seconds of processor time) to be exported and opened as a PDF, while
> much larger files get processed in just a few seconds. No idea why
> this
> is the case.

works fine for me.  maybe export to beamer and then run pdflatex on the
result to see with step is to blame?

: Eric S Fraga (0xFFFCF67D), Emacs 24.5.1, Org release_8.3.2-164-g50a182

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