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Re: [O] Request: Move org-eww from contrib to core

From: Marco Wahl
Subject: Re: [O] Request: Move org-eww from contrib to core
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2016 22:12:59 +0200
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> Matt Lundin <address@hidden> writes:
>> Given that the coming release of emacs 25 ships with the eww browser, I
>> think it would be worthwhile to make org-eww.el a core org-mode module.
>> I have been using eww instead of emacs-w3m for some time now with no
>> problems. Since org ships with support for emacs-w3m, an external
>> package, it seems to makes sense also to support eww, the built-in
>> browser.
> In this case, we need to add a mechanism to throw an error when this
> module is loaded without Eww being available. As a reminder, Org 9 still
> supports Emacs 24.3.
>> I noticed that Marco Wahl, the author of org-eww.el, is on the
>> contributors list, so, if I understand correctly, there shouldn't be
>> copyright issues.
> There could be if we integrated patches from people without FSF
> assignment. I didn't check, but I don't think it happened though.

In 2014 I signed the assignment for Emacs (946878).

(Just curious: is there a public list containing all the assignments?
Found nothing after duckduckgoing for 5 minutes.)

> If Marco Wahl (Cc'ed) agrees and the change above is made, we could
> indeed add the module to core.

Agreed.  Of course feel free to apply the changes you have in mind and
possibly go beyond.

Best regards,
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