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[O] Marking an item DONE using the most recently logged timestamp

From: Christoph LANGE
Subject: [O] Marking an item DONE using the most recently logged timestamp
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2016 20:28:48 +0200
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Dear Org-mode community,

as an extension to
(Useful interactive functions for clock logs […]) I implemented another
function you may find useful:

(stable link to current revision:

This function marks the current item done.  Instead of the current time,
it reports the most recent time logged (clocked) for this item as
closing time.

Use case: you finished a TODO task and logged time on it but forgot to
mark it DONE.



Dr. Christoph Lange, Enterprise Information Systems Department
Applied Computer Science @ University of Bonn; Fraunhofer IAIS
http://langec.wordpress.com/about, Skype duke4701

→ Please note: I will be on parental leave from 29 July to 28 October.
  Colleagues will stand in for me by project.

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