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Re: [O] Scaling HTML-exported SVG

From: Christian Moe
Subject: Re: [O] Scaling HTML-exported SVG
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2016 23:26:49 +0200
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Jarmo Hurri writes:

> The method you suggested above - setting id - works (all tests done in
> Chrome).

Mine are in Firefox. 

> But setting id-values is cumbersome, because you need to do it
> for every file.
> It is also possible to set a CSS class similarly, that is, modifying
> your example above,
> #+html_head_extra: <style>.svgfig {width: 200px; }</style>
> #+attr_html: :class svgfig
> [[path/to/image.svg]]
> This also works and is better, because then it is possible to set a
> common class for all SVG figures, and handle them with a single CSS
> rule.

Sure, if they should mostly be scaled to the same size. I just didn't
make that assumption.

> Better, but not yet perfect, because I still need to add a
> attr_html to every SVG figure.

> But there seems to be a way around this. With the last approach the
> generated HTML looks something like
> <object type="image/svg+xml" data="image.svg" class="svgfig">

Indeed. Now I'm confused, because this example seems to mean I got
several things wrong earlier today. First, it seems one *can* scale an
SVG image by setting attributes on the <object> element, not just by
scaling the container element as I thought. At least in FF and
Chrome. And second, Org passes attributes from #+attr_html to the
<object> element, not to the container <div> as I wrote, though I could
have sworn that was what I saw when I tested today. On that note, I
think I'll go to bed... But first:

> Why don't we just set a common class for all SVG-images in an HTML
> export by default? Then we could still use an <object> to embed it, and
> control its size from CSS.

> It seems to me that this solves the problem, and requires an extremely
> small change.

Me too. At least, I cannot think of any obvious disadvantages, and it
could be helpful if you want all or most of your SVGs to be scaled to
the same size (or otherwise styled the same way). Particularly if you
need to distinguish them from <object> tags embedding other media, like

(If you're *not* using <object> for anything beside SVGs, or at least
not in <div class="figure"> environments, you could just style objects,
couldn't you?  e.g.:

  object { width: 200px; }

or slightly safer

  .figure object { width: 200px; }

But I agree that an explicit 'svg' class could be better.)


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