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[O] bug#23917: 25.0.95; commit 3a9d6296b35e5317c497674d5725eb52699bd3b8

From: N. Jackson
Subject: [O] bug#23917: 25.0.95; commit 3a9d6296b35e5317c497674d5725eb52699bd3b8 causing org-capture to error out
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2016 04:52:42 -0300
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/25.0.95 (gnu/linux)

At 21:09 +0300 on Monday 2016-07-18, Eli Zaretskii wrote:

> My suggestion to fix this is below.  I ask for opinions on (1) whether
> this looks like TRT, (2) whether it is safe enough for emacs-25, and
> (3) whether someone has better ideas.  If someone thinks I've
> misunderstood the issue, don't hesitate to explain why, because
> frankly it feels very strange to find bugs that seem to have existed
> since 1990.
> diff --git a/lisp/subr.el b/lisp/subr.el
> index e9e19d3..1bb1cb3 100644
> --- a/lisp/subr.el
> +++ b/lisp/subr.el
> @@ -3466,7 +3466,7 @@ save-match-data
>    ;; if you need to recompile all the Lisp files using interpreted code.
>    (declare (indent 0) (debug t))
>    (list 'let
> -     '((save-match-data-internal (match-data)))
> +     '((save-match-data-internal (match-data 'integers)))
>       (list 'unwind-protect
>             (cons 'progn body)
>             ;; It is safe to free (evaporate) markers immediately here,

FWIW on my system applying this patch does not resolve the org-capture
issue. I'm testing with org-20160718 from GNU Elpa and latest Emacs 25
branch from the git (Repository revision: 

With these versions of Org and Emacs and your patch applied, with a
recipe similar to that posted by Robert Pluim on 2016-07-18,

  src/emacs -Q

  M-: (custom-set-variables '(package-selected-packages (quote 
(org-20160718)))) RET
  M-x package-initialize RET

  C-x C-f               ; find file.
  C-S-backspace         ; kill-whole-line.
  ~/.notes RET          ; Open the file expected by default capture template.
  M-x org-mode RET      ; put the buffer into Org Mode.
  M-x org-capture RET t ; Run the default "Task" capture template bound to the 
t key.

I get the error: 

  org-capture: Capture template ‘t’: Match data clobbered by buffer 
modification hooks

. I also get a similar error with your patch and my full configuration
loaded and using my own capture templates:

  org-capture: Capture abort: (error Match data clobbered by buffer 
modification hooks)


The results above are same as I get if I do not apply your patch.

[On the other hand, with the same version of Org as above and Emacs from the
25.0.95 tarball, I do not see these error.]

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