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Re: [O] org-bbdb-anniversaries-future

From: Marco Wahl
Subject: Re: [O] org-bbdb-anniversaries-future
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2016 00:22:46 +0200
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> org-bbdb-anniversaries-future uses the following format to insert
> anniversaries into the agenda:
> Birthday: [[bbdb:foo bar][foo bar (37th) -- 2016-07-14]]
> Seeing the date in the agenda makes me feel like I have a lot of time to
> get a present. Then, just before the shops close, I realise that her
> birthday is today ;).
> So I introduced a function that calculates the agenda entry with respect
> to the time span between the actual event and the agenda date. This allows
> to have entries like
> Birthday: [[bbdb:foo bar][foo bar (37th) -- 2016-07-14]]
> Birthday: [[bbdb:foo bar][foo bar (37th) -- in 8 days]]
> Birthday: [[bbdb:foo bar][foo bar (37th) -- tomorrow]]
> Birthday: [[bbdb:foo bar][foo bar (37th) -- today]]
> The patch is attached to this posting.

+1 for including this feature.

Marco Wahl

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